Wearing Red Makes Men More Attractive

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

An article published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology by British Psychologist Andrew Elliot, claims that women see men as more attractive when they wear red. Useful information when considering your next clothes shopping purchase.

The colour red is seen as a sexual display of preparedness and fertility by many animals. Since psychologists are curious, a decision was made to discover if the same was true for human beings. Andrew Elliot published a study in 2008 indicating that men see women as more attractive when they wear the colour red. [J Pers Soc Psychol. 2008 Nov;95(5):1150-64.] In Andrew Elliot's more recently published study the attractiveness of men to women was closely researched by the psychologists also.

Percieved Male Attractiveness chart

An experiment was created by Dr Elliot where he had gathered 21 female students to look at photographs of men's faces. They had to look at photographs of the men's faces with two backgrounds, one neutral and the other a red background. Men's faces in the photographs with the red backgrounds were thought to be more attractive by the women. There was also another experiment that was similar, where the female students were given photographs of men that wore a blue or a red t-shirt.

No surprise that the same thing happened, using a scoring of 0-10, the women gave the men wearing red clothing 1.5 points more on the attractiveness scale. The sexual interest in the men wearing red clothing also increased by 1.5 points too, classed by the researchers as 'Desired Sexual Behaviour'. The women also believed that the men wearing red clothing had a higher salary and education, by 2 points! "Red is typically thought of as a 'sexy' color for women only", the psychologists thought, "but our findings indicate that a red–sex link is also applicable to men."

Source: J Exp Psychol Gen. 2010 Aug;139(3):399-417.

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